Day 6 – Occipital Stimulator Trial Update


Well my trial of the stimulator ends quite soon now, this tuesday in fact, I believe in the afternoon! You’d think with all the hope I had that it would be a sad experience ending this trial but unfortunately it comes with a sigh of relief. I’m overjoyed to have more data for those researching these devices both patients and neuroscientists alike, however I’ll be glad to rid myself of all the extra discomfort I’ve been in.

As you read in my update yesterday I haven’t vomited like I have this week in a long time, months in fact. It had been getting easier for me to get meals down prior to using the stimulator, now I have real troubles even getting down and maintaining 1 meal a day so I can take my more dangerous meds ie: prednisone. I certainly don’t want osteoporosis any sooner than I’m likely going to get it anyways from the high dosage of steroids, at this point I see my diet as more crucial than somewhat less migraine pain.

Now let me explain myself by “somewhat less migraine pain” I mean that the stimulator works folks, just not as well as we’d all hoped. We hadn’t expected the extra nausea vomiting and honestly didn’t expect the Churg-Strauss Syndrome to be hitting me so hard yet. I feel like Rocky’s punching bag, every muscle in my body feels quite sore and inflamed, but it sure won’t stop me from producing updates. I see this as a service to those who are considering a stimulator, or might later in their treatment.

I haven’t spoken much to you guys about the setting so I suppose that would be good to give tips on today! On my unit there are 4 different setting each pulses the electrodes at a different rate and exerts its own unique force which can be quite soothing or amazingly painful exacerbating your migraine. I found settings #’s 2 and 4 to be the most helpful, always set at an intensity where I could just feel it, but not to the point where I felt like my head was vibrating off my neck. Setting #2 provides a nice brain massage type feeling while setting 4 sends strong lengthy pulses to your nerves, totally different feelings altogether. As I’ve said before it really is up to the patient to learn the right settings, if you play around with the controls as much as I did be prepared with an extra 1-2 batteries though! Wouldn’t want the end of your trial to be compromised due to simple battery issues right? WHy not be prepared when you’ve just laid out 5 grand for a week long trial.

Please while I still have the stimulator ask any questions you might have for me, I’ll be glad to answer all of them the best I can. Feel free to use the Contact page to email me if the matter is private or you just don’t want your information in the comments section! And please don’t forget about the contest ending 11/9 for the IMAK eye pillow with ergobeads!

Thanks for reading and have an enjoyable weekend!

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Occipital Stimulator Trial Update

  1. good idea to end this test and gain some weight and energy, sorry it did not solve your migainenes but perhaps your brave try will give the manufacturer and doctors information to help you and others in the near future. Looking forward to your Wednesday up-date. Now to fight the churg-strauss Gpop

    • Thanks I think it’s the right decision too and I’m glad you stand by it! I really do hope it helped someone out there, anyone. Even if they read this here and that helps them make up their minds about a stimulator that would be a big deal to me.

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