Blank Slate

My mind is like a blank slate

waiting for ideas to be drawn

as if I had the world longest chalkboard

the thoughts are so vivid

whether they pertain to medicine or business

my ideas are intelligent if only all were relevant

sometimes I veer off course

now im paddling in the right direction with my oars

I see my future laid out before me

and I know I can achieve it don’t belittle me

“I Can’t” are works I speak no longer

anything will be possible once im a little bit stronger!

So look into my eyes and see the fire burning

thats my passion for advocacy showing

I hope more will join our fight to find a cure and get fair funding

someday there’ll be enough money to do more studies!

Research is key to our illness both migraines and CSS pertain to this

that’s why I go to HOH and fight and write letters to local politicians

hoping they’ll have some insight.

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