IVIG and Writing

I have nothing to do as I sit here for eight hours getting IVIG or Immune Globulin which is being used for my small fiber non-length dependent neuropathy which has been test and shown to be autoimmune based and not diabetic based. Actually thats a lie this gives me some quiet time to write an article and work on my book, perhaps even get a poem or two done as well. Right now this is my first activity besides some reading I was doing earlier I sincerely miss Christopher Hitchens I enjoy his writing immensely!


Anyways lately life hasn’t treated me kindly I’ve been having trouble with severe weakness and malaise yet the pain level keeps me awake because it’s normally at least an 8/10, I really hope it doesn’t go much higher than that today same with my blood pressure. It was at 160/97 when I came in which always alarms the nurse taking my vitals I explained my migraines and she went back to work on me luckily the IVIG is causing my BP to lower which is good for me! Other than that I have plenty of new rashes which scare me but I won’t let it deter me from fulfilling my duty to my readers and have it stop me from writing altogether.


Lately I’ve been working primarily on 2 book and getting my ebook printed in paperback format! I am taking such care and time on these longer books because I dont want to always self-publish it would be nice to have a book published since my condition is rare and complicated which in turn makes for a good medical read for patients, caregivers, and their doctors alike. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the doctors I have chosen to write the forwards are willing and have the time, there’s no rush as all I ask of them is 5-10 pages with photos, their names would certainly add an aura of medical credibility to my publications as the people I’ve asked are experts and specialists in their given fields!


Anyways I’ll sit here for another 8 hours getting my infusion and I’ll be back tomorrow so definitely try to keep up with the site as I’ll likely be putting all my energy…what’s  left of it into writing! Several websites are waiting on a poem from me written for them and I have a radio show scheduled to be on. I also have some public speaking opportunities this summer! I cannot wait to make a bigger impact on the medical community, how patients interact and prepare for doctors, and lastly how patients are treated in certain situations.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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