Happy Mother’s Day


The Pure Pendant, a necklace I bought for Venus yesterday.


The Newer Afire Earrings I bought Venus yesterday! I like these a lot they match the bracelet I got her a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I finally made it out again through all my pain and  my fiance still managed to rush home in time to crush a cluster headache with some O2. Throughout the day I had a series of migraines and clusters, in fact i’m having both right now it has taken about half an hour to get even this far. But I feel the need to let everyone know I had one decent day! Yesterday when shopping for this beautiful mothers day gift at Swarovski I was also able to afford to buy my fiance 2 more accessories, a necklace and earrings to match the bracelets I bought her a few weeks ago, to match the theme colors of our engagement party.


Anyways Happy Mother’s Day!



I bought my mom a beautiful Swarovski sculpture named Danuba here is the description from the site:

Beautiful and dainty, the crystal representation inspired by the Forget-me-not makes a statement of elegance. Careful attention has been paid to every detail. Each flower has faceted Sapphire crystal petals with Lime crystal centers and Tanzanite buds. Blossoming on a silver-tone metal stand, the creation is made of 44 individual pieces assembled manually. Decoration object. Not a toy. Not suitable for children under 15.

I spent more than I wanted to but I’ve been walking past that store since I was a child never being able to afford one in my life. Now I just hope my mom loves the sapphires and tanzanite flowers and the nice silver worked stand. I spent every dime in my pocket and slightly more but it was worth it and my fiance paid for lunch =)
I hope you’ve all though of your Mothers today or caregivers heck whoever you love in your lives just spend the day thinking of them. Hey if you can also spend a few extra dollars to show you care, if you can’t do that get creative with the money you do have and do something artsy!

I was quickly thanked by my girlfriend with a meal at Chili’s where I got this Memphis dry rub ribs, which are absolutely delicious. I also had texas cheese fries and somehow we ate and shopped all before it got bad outside again. My migraine only got bad as we reached the car and a  cluster set in on the way home which was terrible but at least we were already on our way home and not at the restaurant where I’d be in devastating pain by that time. Instead my fiance got me home and I got my mask on fast as could be and set the O2 to 15. I still had a bad  migraine but at least I could focus on fighting that and the neuropathy and churg strauss  after I got rid of the cluster headache.

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