Today I snapped and this post is to vent, feel free to post if you disagree, these people for the most part are only here to help me in life, but occasionally as you will see they cause some friction:

*My Father came home complaining of a twisted ankle as I woke up in 10/10 bodily pain with a piercing sensation through the left side of my chest. Why in the world would you bitch and moan about such minor pain/injuries to someone like me in crisis mode, did I mention I also have cluster headache and chronic migraine! So here I was barely able to talk and my Dad is crying about his ankle which he promptly forgets about.


*Earlier in the week my Mother was complaining of hormonal issues and stomach pain. THis is after my nausea and vomiting all day and begging for more or stronger nausea meds. Again why would you bring your problem to someone in my condition? WHy complain when I’ve managed to hold it in til moves like this make me want to snap!


*My friends still smoke marijuana recreationally around me even though they know for me that’s life saving medicine. For them it makes them feel a little bit silly and laugh a whole lot, I mean to me personally that’s like taking my BP and heart rate meds for your entertainment. Where as that marijuana might last my friends longer they can eat a meal easily without it, they can work without it, they can LIVE without the drug so why use it. It just pisses me off sometimes because if people were only getting caught for medicinal usage and smaller quantities in public it’d become far more acceptable to those who see this culture all wrong.


*My Brother/Father/Grandfather all report I’m asleep sometimes when I am trying to talk it just isn’t loud enough sometimes. At other times they are all watching TV loud or listening to PC Gaming so if I call sometimes nobody hears me and depending on who is home if anyone I lay there for a while.
I can’t really blame my family everyone is flawed and they can’t all be watching me at all times, besides that’d be quite boring. Even Loca my crazy little puppy that brings me so many laughs gets me to at times, especially when I have the O2 on it really gets frustrating if/when she gets tangled in the line going to the tank. So I have to say even though our caregivers may have flaws or miss things at times it’s necessary to address this in  a calm and adult manner.

One thought on “Snapped

  1. “I walked a mile with Pleasure
    She chattered all the way;
    But left me none the wiser
    For all she had to say.

    I walked a mile with Sorrow
    And ne’er a word said she;
    But oh, the things I learned from her
    When Sorrow walked with me.”

    Robert Browning Hamilton

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