Tunnel of Death


Here I wander this tunnel of death my diseases in front of me, no way out left or right,

to my back there’s a cliff so I suppose it’s time for us to do battle to see who’s the true victor.

I can ensure you it will be me not my Churg Strauss Syndrome, headache disorders. or neuropathy.

Once back in this world of optimism words just seems to fall into place as if someone is ghost writing this for me as I hit each key, is this vocabulary coming from me?

Yes I believe so because writing is my only reprieve from all this pain and depression

that both act with aggression constantly assaulting my mind.

I’ve book another talk on a panel in September just before I fly out to Nashville to see my Cluster brothers and sisters! For this I am excited and I must thank WEGO Health for this great opportunity to raise awareness and bring up patient advocacy. Best of all they’re providing a travel stipend so cost isn’t an issue it’s just up to me to answer questions intelligently about my diseases.

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