Feeling Despair, I will Prevail


Despair is all I feel

besides pain and self-pity

I sit here writing witty little poems

who reads them

I don’t know

but people seem to enjoy it I suppose

so I continue to write and continue to suffer

in fact it has almost become too much

all the pain is overwhelming and my work has fallen behind

I really need something to boost my spirit and refresh my mind!

Once I find out what a break truly is I think I can break this writers block

and continue writing my books at a quick rate my audience would appreciate

I can’t wait to re-do my site and hire some writer so whether or not im feeling sick

content will be gathered! I’ll hire some writers and seeks out-patient stories

for people need to hear them, since they rarely do.

I have a lot of opportunities coming up i’ll be all over spreading the word about migraine and Churg Strauss Syndrome of which I’m in stage 3 showing all the symptoms.

This year ill be hosting chats online, doing interviews, and i’m even scheduled to do a couple of talks now how’s that for my first year of advocacy, I think quite a win.

It shows there’s room for growth within the field and more voices are needed to make us heard, the more the better I say as doing it mainly for the money is absurd.

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