What’s to come?

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I’ve had lot going on recently I mean last week alone I feel down more than 25 times which has just exacerbated the full body pain I’ve been feeling from all these Churg-Strauss flare ups. I’ve been vomiting blood the past 2 days which is never someone thing one wants to see but at least I have some good news. I haven’t had much good news but the little bit I’ve had has amazed me lately:

  • In July I will be speaking at the Public Relations and Communications Summit – 10th Anniversary at Bayer’s Offices in New Jersey. I got a travel stipend too which is nice so I’ll likely stay overnight if I feel unwell afterwards or during. This is part of my winning WEGO Health’s Health Activist Awards, in the Rookie of the Year category.
  • The in September I will be speaking at the Social Media for Pharma conference on a panel titled The 5 Keys to Creating Highly-Trusted, Sharable Content: A Live Patient Panel in Philadelphia which again I get a travel stipend for.
  • In the near future I will also be hosting a live chat on twitter for WEGO Health as a guest host at some point in June.
  • I’m also having a blog article come out soon about me in the WEGO Health blog.
  • Axon Optics has given me 2 pairs of glasses to giveaway so I’m working on a creative way to give them away.
  • I also got the funding needed for the renovation after half my budget was stolen last time by an unprofessional designer. This time I’m using real professionals and we’ll see what cool features I can afford to work in there for you guys and gals.
  • I should at least release another eBook soon and possibly start a second draft of my first book near completion and the second one which is little under halfway through its first draft. The other 3 will have to wait as unfinished work to be done when there’s more energy.

I hope after reading this you’re all as excited as I am for the next few months as I make or break these opportunities I’ve been blessed with. Hopefully I can do well and be invited back in the future. Other than that I was offered a job b y a migraine related company that I’m hoping gets in touch soon but I won’t name them just yet even though they reached out to me. It would be awesome to pay some of my bills though instead of my parents having to pay it all.

2 thoughts on “What’s to come?

  1. This great Mike, I know you will impress people every where you speak and your writing is amassing. I know it is very difficult most of the time but you do better, even with all that pain, than anyone else could. We are very proud of you, Love Gpop

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