IVIG & Neuropathy


I sit here waiting for my pre-medication

knowing that I’m in for a long drawn-out situation

I can’t stand the trials and tribulation

that Churg-Strauss Syndrome has brought upon me so randomly

I often ask myself why me

That seems like a question whose answer I’ll never see

Now please oh please just get me my IVIG

So that I may battle this vicious neuropathy

I wont give in to pain so easily

It’ll take more than 1 terminal illness to kill me

I’m here to stay and that’s my decree

I’m here to enjoy lie so let me be

Unless you want to work with me on raising awareness

Then raise your hands high in the air and show me your eagerness

Lets show this country what invisible illness is and remove the stigma

It’s one simple job at which we advocates will prevail

I just don’t see how so many sufferers can fail to move the public’s hearts and minds

Are they heartless or just blind, do they think we’re all drug seekers just looking for meds?

Either way we need to make them recognize our illnesses before ignorance wins!

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