Outgoing- Beating the Pain

Puzzled male shrugging wearing lab coat

Tired of treatment

and all the disagreement

we all know I need medication

the doctors just disagree on our direction

so where do you go from here

when in a stalemate stuck in fear

not only fear but excruciating pain

from inflamed veins and blood vessels

all thanks to Churg Strauss

that demon that lives within and just wont come out

I wish I could find relief from just one ailment

yet I now have four illnesses, what a predicament!

All I can do is grin and bear it

wear a fake smile instead of swearing

and let others know about my disability

this is why I’ve become a patient advocate you see

Being there for others has become a necessity

who else would fight for all those suffering

certainly not those making profit off of this awful situation

again this is why I circle the states giving talks, writing, and doing presentations.

So do me a favor tell your story

no matter how boring

I gurantee others can relate

and the messages you get from your fellow patients will make you feel great!

3 thoughts on “Outgoing- Beating the Pain

    • You just have to try it out sometime when you’re in pain the words sort of just flow off my fingertips when I write these cause I only do so when in severe pain. It both takes my mind of the pain and allows me to be creative so I enjoy it, I never wrote poetry or even read it prior to going chronic with my migraines.

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