Working From Home


I am so excited to tell you all I received my first job offer within the medical field working for a company whose products I already use daily. I cannot name the company yet because nothing is official and I don’t want to hurt my chances of being hired for sure but I am so completely excited about this opportunity!

I’ve been thinking for months if only I could find a way to monetize my advocacy I could go to more events, provide more patient support, hire writers with other ailments, and pay doctors to write and edit articles for my site. All in all I’ll be working to build my advocacy both as a business and I’ll be capable of offering some free services to my fellow patients. I plan on making my eBooks free to members of my new website once it’s all put together and I also plan on gathering many patients stories even if I must offer a $20 Amazon gift card reward to those that are published.  Along with being automatically entered in a giveaway for some migraine products! Does that seem like a decent incentive for 500-1000 words from patients?

Anyway, with this income I’ll also eventually be eligible for disability, which I hope I never need but in case I do the opportunity will be available.Not only that but I’ll be eligible for benefits from the company after a while, perhaps if I get remission or working medications I can take on a full time position for full benefits. Now wouldn’t that be something to have my own health and dental insurance, it sure would to me! Let me just say now this company is so compassionate they’ve sent representatives to sit with me at the hospital and talk. It’s also a very small closely knit staff which I certainly like. I think that this company will take care of it’s employees especially as it grows and I sure would like to be a part of that.

Lastly this will keep me going mentally I will be forced to be innovative and creative with my mind. Not let it lay dormant and decay as many do when surrendering to their disease. I fully intend on putting my heart and soul into this part time job as it will keep me coming up with ideas for my own business which I have a plethora of plans for, yet few seem realistic in my current position or without major funding. This is in addition to an enormous networking opportunity which might lead to more income via public speaking opportunities, invites to conferences, and just making friends within the world of neurology. I truly am grateful for this opportunity and I hope my future employers see this before I sit in on their next conference call meeting which in itself will be an awesome experience.

4 thoughts on “Working From Home

  1. This is wonderful news! Congratulations! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I intend to read it in the internet equivalent of “cover to cover” (whatever that is). I suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and almost daily migraines. I had to quit my job in advertising in 2008 (when I was only 24) to work from home (I work as a freelance writer now). I find reading blogs about other people struggling with chronic pain to be incredibly helpful because otherwise it can be very lonely to be in pain, live alone, and work from home. About a month ago I started my own health and fitness website I have written a number of articles for it, but still haven’t gotten around to writing about migraines, so you’ve inspired me to do that.

    I’m so glad you have found a job that will pay you to do something you love and I will cross my fingers that migraines never get in the way. I would be happy to write something for free for your Ebook. I think you said you needed 500-1000 words about migraines. I could do that easily. The only challenge will be to -only- write that many words 🙂

    – Kendall Hall.

    • Glad to hear you’re happy to have found my blog and I’m certainly glad to have inspired you to write about migraines. Oh and I want writers for articles but perhaps I will have some people add their thoughts to my full length book on migraine which is being worked on now.

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