You are my sunshine


As I lay to slumber
I wait and wonder
if the one request I desire may be achieved without a fire
meant to burn it all away

I see you struggle
I see your pain
The bruises
The scars
Don’t think I’m a fool
You know the truth
But I won’t go
Not over one day

There is always another day
Heck we can say
Forget the place
Forget the time
Want to be in my humble abode
I don’t care if it even goes

I love you
Through and through
For as it all flows
You still try and smile
Even as your body rattles

I thank you for that
Your courage
Your sarcasm
Even your bluntness
God has the time keeps
On going with the twists
And turns as we learn it
Stops for know one

But that’s ok you know it is
For whatever time there
Can be meant for us
I know what you are to me

You make my sun
The shine that burns so bright
My moon my stars
The changes of phases
As the infinity goes
But I know you
And love you so
For as I am
From the start
No matter what

I am …
A girl who fell for the boy
Across my dorm room floor

And you…
The boy who fought for the
Strange girl across his dorm room floor for all she was

3 thoughts on “You are my sunshine

  1. You made me cry Venus, thank you for recognizing the wonderful son I have! I wish him remission and a future cure so you can both enjoy the lives you so greatly deserve!

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