The Puzzle piece that Won’t Fit

I’m in so much pain I no longer know where to go

Hospitals are only so acute care so where do the chronically ill go

I feel as if I’m expected to just take the damn meds and die at home

curled up in my corner all alone my lifr so blurred by pain now my memory is slowly going

I can’t even remember who was soothing me when I wake up the next morning.


All I can say is things are so bad I almost wish for death but stop short of that,

rather I need someone passionate on my case to admit me to a comfortable hospital

where my symptoms can be tracks and we can see which meds do what

with real science instead of doing all this by guessing or by gut.


There’s a huge gap in the medical industry and it lies in care for the chronically ill and needy

we need a solution without the outrageious rates of a nursing home and one where better care is provided too I don’t see this coming in my future. Maybe it’ll come to reality for some of you.


2 thoughts on “The Puzzle piece that Won’t Fit

  1. Michael, I know just what you mean about feeling you need intensive, inpatient care and constant monitoring. With all your advocacy, I wish you had your OWN committed, full time medical rep who could push push push for something like that for you. Fuck insurance, fuck the fact that it’s a rare disease and they don’t really know what to do. Your life is clearly ebbing away and it kills me to just have to READ about it and not do something…. holding all of you in my thoughts as always. Hang in there, friend. This world needs you.

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