Grey skies

What do you do
When you head is one place
And your heart somewhere else

That’s what I feel
As if I don’t know where to be

I want to sit beside you
Hold your hand
Tell you that it will be okay
Even it might just be
A shout into the void

But I’m suppose to work
Go back to school
See the other people in my life
Those who don’t quite understand
the other side of me…
Which is you

Who look at me with pity
This girl whose love is hurting
I know what is true in my heart
But still sometimes it can waver
Under my deminer of “strength”

I’m nothing compare to you
How you inspire others
I wish I could have your confidence
Even as you say it isn’t so

I have a lot to think about
These coming days
As more paths close
And others open

But all I know
Is that I want you
By my side
Wheelchair, walker,
I don’t care

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