Put Me in a Straight-Jacket


Today I tear away at my straight jacket as these doctors laugh at me, some of them emphatically but they do it anyway.

Why do you join your colleagues in mocking my theories, because they came from a patient with some insight and no fear of sharing his true feelings?

They’re all gonna move out the way once my book is out there and all their faults are up for display all the ones who gave up. laughed, and couldn’t help me will find their names listed and their reputation dwindle as my book sales rise and I get on local TV to tell the people what’s so wrong with our healthcare today. Perhaps the public will see I have something important to say.

I mean hospitals are for acute care so where do the chronically ill stay? Don’t tell me to go to a hospice or nursing home not at 23 I’m not giving up that easily like joe-schmo. And I’m not your average patient I just won’t follow advice blindly I research constantly to find better treatment options where I wont be taunted or my opinion forgotten.

It’s Migraine Awareness Month and to Diamond Health Clinic I’d like to say  you really aren’t helping the community by barring advocates from your summits. I know it’s sad some of us are more educated on the topic than the doctors attending yet you won’t even let the knowledgeable in, in the future you will suffer for this sin. When I’m the one bringing big money in for migraines in don’t expect a dime for research nor one grant- they won’t be available to those who made it difficult for me to advocate before.
Yet these big conferences have let people in who write about using metaphysical powers and healing stones to cure migraine….excuse me weren’t you supposed to be professionals not those selling chicken grease as a cure for cancer. As the last wave of advocates that act as slaves to big pharma and doctors I will be working on creating a new structure one where patient advocates and doctors can confront each other on stage. Debating to show who’s really the greater mind citing studies and statistics found in journals and not as easily online.

4 thoughts on “Put Me in a Straight-Jacket

  1. You go Michael! I am so proud of you. And yes, those who will not listen to their patients deserve to be called out. A word to the wise, though, check with a lawyer before publishing. You don’t want to get used later for slander. Even though they may deserve whatever you dish out, you still have to take care of you. Never forget that.

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