The Invisible Bullet


An invisible bullet has pierced my brain

one that can’t be dislodged and only inspires more pain

it just won’t stop like red embers and flames

searing the insides of my skull it’s insane!

Somehow this all led to Churg Strauss a disease which is killing me slowly,

but certainly not softly! Everything that touches my skin feels like knives piercing it

Not only that but the rashes are increasing in frequency and open to bleed without warning

They really itch too but I don’ scratch them for fear of infection, I don’t need more distractions.

There is no known cause and no known cure, that makes my confidence about as effective as a pile of manure. I need a ‘true life Dr House as I lay here crying in despair,

My body is barely working anymore this shit is unfair

Im stuck in a trance-like state of despair from all this wear and tear!

I really want to get moving again but this neuropathy is killing my nerves

I feel like a man carved of stone stone yet who feel everything.

Perhaps my bones are turning to stone, my flashy body a shooting gallery.

Sometimes I wish someone would pump so many bullets into me that nobody would recognize me. This pain makes it hard to breathe hard to eat, hard to sleep, and hard to play.

What about my life isn’t difficult I feel like a circus animal out on display.

Especially when I show my raches to new doctors and they gasp not knowing how to react.

More people need to know about invisible neurological disease along with vasculitis in this I will succeed. I will work

diligently to make sure I’m seen as a professional in these matters and a patient with knowledge who’s just as intelligent

as his own doctors. You see as a patient it’s crucial to stay informed so I do my job by reading all the peer reviewed

reports and journals I can get my hands on. Sadly many health professional only events bar advocates from their classes,

this only leads to a weaker push for treatment for the masses.

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