God Exists?


Hello boss man is anyone home my prayers go unanswered

and I don’t have access to the pope

do you think god can lend me a little relief after all I do for others which he should see

If he exists I bet he can but about his reasons for neglecting me I don’t give a damn

I gave up on faith and praying long ago after reading the religious texts and taking classes on them long ago

It seems like all  my good deeds go unrewarded even though im not looking for profit or gain

our god won’t take away enough of this pain to let me be sane

what’s his problem I thought he treated those who are kind to others well

certainly not my case that dude is putting me through hell.

I’d rather believe in evolutionary theory at least then I know I got this randomly

it wasn’t anyone’s choice just my fate though sometimes that fact makes me irate

I really wish I could just be normal and take my fiance out on a date

without her having to pack my wheelchair and roll me everywhere

and without the pain and despair that plague our lives

with all this turmoil I don’t know how my family survives

they’re a tough group strong and skilled my only wish is for them to make it out of this alive

I really could care less whether I die anymore I’m in so much pain a stroke would be relief

from this life of torture and neglect by our medical system

I don’t even want to go back to a doctor all they have is bad news I’m so sick of them!

6 thoughts on “God Exists?

  1. Please know that we are praying for you all the time, cousin. I am in awe of your, and your mom’s, and Venus’ strength. You are in my thoughts daily. Please let me know of anything, anything at all, that I can do. We love you!

  2. “What’s his problem I thought he treated those who are kind to others well
    Certainly not in my case that dude is putting me through hell.”

    My favorite line in all the poems you’ve written! Both amusing and powerful.

  3. I have questioned my faith and God over the last 5 years of my pain only to find He has been there the whole time. Without the suffering I have gone through there are some many blessing that would of never happened. New friends, uplifting others and the launching of a book and speaking career. Through the pain has come many blessings.

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