Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You


Today hasn’t been too great I’ve been in severe pain in a very loud setting while photo and photosensitive. Being in the hospital all the loud ringing,clicking, and beeping is slowly driving me insane. Not to mention the elderly patients and nurses who fight constantly and whine, scream, and complain constantly. For example I’ve been listening to the same woman yelling that she has to go to the bathroom constantly yet whenever someone tries to help she gets all rude with them and she wonders why people are ignoring her obnoxious cries for help. I understand the elderly need a little more leeway but if she really had to go she would’ve gone in that bed already. Besides there is a canister there for her to pee in with a cap that she can use lying down but of course yelling is always the better option sigh.

Iam slowly becoming more and more intolerant of situations like this and reasonably so in my opinion. I am working so hard to help other patients and I try to tell them not to treat hospital staff this way because you won’t get help any sooner being so rude. Yet whenever I enter medical care facilities with exception of people with alzheimers and dementia people always get loud and angry with the staff about things that just aren’t their fault. I mean a Nurse even an RN cannot change a medical order and cannot be in four places at once. Seriously who can Houdini? Obviously not, the man died trying a stunt like that just to entertain, why would a Nurse rush herself especially when the Department of Health has been scouring the hospital for complaints all week? It means risking his or her job, their livelihood and what their family depends on just to make you comfortable a few seconds sooner. To ask that of them just isn’t right and totally unacceptable.

Some might say well Michael why do you feel so strongly about this? I say in reply my mother is one of the best Registered Nurses on this Earth and she does her best each and every damn day. Don’t yell or scream or even physically injure your caretaker my mom has been punched, shoved, and manhandled by patients due to the hazards of security stepping into the situation, they won’t do a thing till a nurse actually is hit. It’s crazy and life threatening. The DOH is asinine because they require the hospitals to clean their equipment so often with bleach that all the machines are breaking. Even the phones are sticking and you can get to order your meals due to how gooped up with bleach the equipment is. My Mother the RN says they literally care more about clean machines than quality of care. Therefore it’s up to us the patients to respect the good nurses, report the bad ones, and demand quality care in return because that’s the only way to get it. Thank you to all the great nurses here at South Nassau Communities Hospital taking care of my vasculitis, migraines, and clusters during this Migraine Awareness Month!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

  1. Your mom is amazing! I’ve seen her comments and read what you’ve said about her. Being a nurse would be so hard. This post is exactly why I have resisted inpatient care at my neuro’s hospital; it’s just like the one you’re in now. Noisy and annoying. I won’t have a choice next time though. I hope you’re at least getting some good meds!

      • I am so sorry buddy. 😦 being in the hospital can be so hard. Hey, you have my email address, if Venus is ever at the end of her rope and needing to vent she can email me. I provide a lot of “counseling” to a friend of mine who is a caregiver of a spouse with chronic pain / illness and am always willing to listen. I am here for both of you.

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