Herbal Remedies a Real Danger


Ever go into vitamin Shoppe or GNC and come out with a bag full of crap that’s labeled to do all sorts of incredible things? Me too, and after taking a proper sports supplementation class in college I tossed it all away. Most people buying these products sadly don’t know that market isn’t regulated by the FDA and their ingredients often contain made up compounds and “special ingredients” with made up names that you have no idea what they  will do to your body. Take hormonal changing supplements for example some claim to be and are no such thing and some don’t even warn the customer that they risk all sorts of regulatory system function issues if they use something that modifies testosterone levels or reduces estrogen levels for example. I say that because I was very into supplements and health when bodybuilding and early on found out it’s a multi-billion dollar unregulated industry that can just pay a lab to do a study with favorable outcomes and write it in terms the general consumer will be confused yet impressed by with all the medical jargon used. It’s all to impress you hence the fancy labeling and private labs that hold them to “high standards” which we don’t really know. Therefore I caution my readers not to completely avoid supplements and chinese medicine but do your research and consider other options if possible.

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