Snake Oil Salesmen at my Doorstep


My passion to write has nearly been taken away

by yet another herbalist praising fool on yet another miserable day

why do these people even stay around and play games

with my emotions like this giving me a false sense of hope

the people behind those computers must be real set of dopes

if you believe ancient chinese herbal medicine is the answer to an INCURABLE disease

good luck on your biggest medical blunder in history.

It nearly killed me and probably will you too

if you believe that crap can even cure cancer

why not buy into spiritual rocks too!

It’s all snake oil sales to me I’ve been through it

and I collect rocks you see so if it were true I’d

be healthy as can be but apparently that’s not to be

chinese medicine doesnt work one bit that shit made me lose

over forty pounds vomiting it made me so sick its the closest to death ive ever come

And now you wonder why I run from these money hungry bastards

not covered by insurance why? because it doesnt work and they know it.

I spent well over a hundred thousand on chinese herbal therapy and

acupuncture dont tell me that my opinion doesnt matter.

I’ve been through this shit my life evidence isn’t anecdotal

my general practitioner watched me deteriorate

under the care of these abnormal doctors who

arent licensed by New York and rightly so

they claimed I had heavy medical toxicity from smoking marijuana

even the head of the Langone Toxicology unit in NYC called bullshit on that one.

And these are people who don’t even support smoking but they won’t lie

when it comes to toxicity he said that plant would’ve had to have been through chernobyl or something to affect me so oddly and make me so sickly

so in the end who do you beliieve the guy like me who goes by clinical trials

or some wannnabe doctor who is a mediocre botanist

prescribing herbs and tinctures until they run out of it

why not when it’s all pure profit the insurance wont pay that you have to out of pocket.

So to all you on herbal medication I say good luck and good day I don’t want nor need

your advice i’ll trust science to guide my medical treatments.

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