In The Hospital: Be Kind to Your Roommate


One must remember most hospital beds aren’t in a private room nor are you guaranteed a cooperative roommate. Therefore when admitted to the hospital the first 2 things I ask is if any private rooms are available and if not can I be placed with someone young like myself who isn’t contagious or infected as I am immunocompromised at the moment. This hospital visit I was lucky enough to get a quiet, calm, and cooperative even interesting roommate who enjoys having little chats here and there to keep us both from sheer boredom, it’s nice to have someone to talk to rather than a dementia patient next to you screaming NURSE! all day for each and every little thing.

I don’t mean to rant all I mean to get across here is show a little appreciation when you get a roommate like that. Mine his name is Carlo is here for breathing troubles after a bad reaction to steroids given to him here at the ER, We’ve spoken so much about pets, family, life, injuries, and our own interests that I gave him my card and let him know I’m an advocate and that any time he;s in  pain or distress I’m open to hearing from him by text email or call.

This article is similar to those I write about how patients need to know how to handle the staff in hospitals rather than trying to use a rude approach to get your way, I slowly learned Carlo’s favorite meal is a nice Subway sandwich and was quick to offer to buy him one when getting one for myself anyways. He graciously accepted and gladly ate the sandwich, that made me happy. Any little bit of comfort I can bring to this world’s sick , chronically ill, and dying I want to at least attempt to make them all comfortable as is in my power.

Anyway I am getting my morning nebulizer treatment and anti-emetics via IV now and I’m waiting on more morphine to lower my pain level back down from a 10 my hands are visibly swelling just typing this but I felt after meeting Carlos I had to write about how to treat and cultivate a good relationship with your hospital roommate. Thank you for reading and I hope Carlo finds his way to this article he’s a nice young man who will overcome his allergy and surely succeed in life. His family is also very kind and caring towards the both of us. What more could I ask for in such a situation?

Please pray and keep Carlos in your thoughts that he may never have this sort of reaction again allergies suck!

5 thoughts on “In The Hospital: Be Kind to Your Roommate

  1. The room mate situation is what I dread the most in being hospitalized. My local hospital has a lot of private rooms, but my neurologist’s doesn’t. Carlos sounds wonderful and he is very lucky to have you as a room mate as well! Healing wishes to you both.

    • Thank you and yea Carlos is a wonderful man currently soundly asleep I’ll be showing him my article tonight I told him I’d be writing about his kindness and easy compatibility as my roommate

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