Cluster Headaches as a Mere Baby


On the way home from the rheumatologist my mother and grandfather told me a very interesting story proving my neurological disorder goes back much further than age 14, rather back to my childhood at age 19 or 20 months old so. I was a mere baby at the time so here it goes:

One day at my grandparents home in Rockville Center New York I suddenly ran into a corner. Nobody knew why so they followed me as I was only a baby and my mother was pregnant with my brother William at the time. I started shaking, rocking back and forth, having tremors, gritting my teeth, making faces of sheer pain, and literally pulling my hair out. So obviously disturbed by the scene they rushed me over to the local hospital emergency room in quite the hurry. At the time I was told it was a ruptured eardrum and I had blood in my ear seeping out so they never looked in my ear due to a risk of infection, they just gave my mother Tylenol with codeine in it and sent us home. Though now that I once again have cluster headaches my mother wonders if that would’ve been it because I’ve had ruptured eardrums and never did I experience such agonizing pain. In fact she says by the time they arrived at the ER I was limp in her arms from the truly high pain level for such a young person to experience.

I was only told this story today before this I never knew about it, but after much discussion we think it was my first cluster headache. I also had migraines early on but couldn’t tell because I had severe ear problems I practically lived at my ENT’s office(ear nose and throat dr) until the age of 11. In fact I almost went deaf and couldn’t write or read properly due to my hearing until 2nd grade. However when I did recover my first book ever was Moby Dick in second grade, my teachers as well as parents were astounded at how well I comprehended the language used in the novel and how quickly I got through it considering I was new to reading but soon found a passion for it. Anyway that’s my little story for today one that I thought may interest my readers as much as it interested me, I mean who gets clusters at 19-20 months old? I really do hope I just grow out of all my headache disorders somehow and wake up feeling good one morning but I don’t know what it’s even like to be without pain anymore it’d honestly feel odd to me! Thanks for reading and I hope you will share your headache disorder stories too in honor of migraine awareness month!

10 thoughts on “Cluster Headaches as a Mere Baby

  1. I also had my first migraine as a toddler – not as bad as that, didn’t go to ER – but was banging my head on the floor and screaming. Sorry you lost triptan meds, I didn’t realize that. 😦

      • Of course, makes sense with vasculitis! That contraindication hadn’t occurred to me. Your situation is truly terrible and I guess I just don’t understand how they could send you home at this point. 😦 you, Venus & your parents must just be at the end of your collective rope. I hope we get to meet someday too! If you can still have hope for the future and keep plugging away then I must also, as hard as it is sometimes.

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