Storm Incoming


The storm has come it’s wracking my brain

I feel like with no relief i’ll go insane

but my triptans are gone due to vasculitis

so what am I supposed to do to remedy this?

Am I expected to live in pain until a cure is found

that wouldn’t be pleasant as they’re making little progress

towards a cure though people are working on it I’m just not sure

that I can rely on a cure coming anytime soon

especially with the shittty budget from the government I presume.

I will grin and bear it as long as I can, but with all the illness I suffer

my pain is usually now a ten out of ten!

Few believe me but I speak the truth when I say cluster are the worst

and daily chronic migraines are excruciating too!

But now the doctors poo-poo those thoughts and send me home

without anything but some meds that don’t work

I refuse to deal with this neurological stigma any further

that’s why I advocate to raise awareness is my goal

and if I achieve that I’ll consider myself successful.

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