My Engagement Party- A Poem


I’m getting ready for my engagement party

as I await the homecare nurse to come visit

who knows what my vitals will be im so anxious

I just wish this wasn’t such a mess

and it’s all my fault for being hospitalized

and ruining our initial plans so they cannot be realized.

We had originally rented a hall and had well over 100 guests in all

sadly the plans fell apart due to my health emergency in which my fiance took part

so she had no time to plan whilst taking care of me

hence the much smaller party at my own home

at least i’ll be in my comfort zone with O2 available and medical marijuana

I should be ok to make it through the day without getting too tired

or letting my mind go astray, I just hope everything goes perfect today.

As I am putting all my effort into walking instead of using the wheelchair

and fighting to speak ina voice people can actually hear,

damn my vocal chords for being so confused

I wish it wasn’t this way and I could help set up

but all I can do is get out of the way and shut up

even the smallest task makes me sweat profusely

but what can I do I can’t abuse my body

luckily today I don’t have physical therapy

I hope soon this homecare nurse gets back to my home

as I need to be evaluated so I can get in my zone

and get all dressed up in my suit, vest, and tie

with my pocketwatch, ring, and gold cufflinks to match

I will look like a snazzy young man

my fiance will look beautiful too

I can’t wait to see Venus in her dress, what a stunning view!

I’d love to see my friends and family

they’ll show me love and pray for me

and they are willing to hear my story

and if necessary let me be to rest a while

as my body can only handle so much activity

my fmily and friends get it completely

I love them all with all my heart

what more can I ask for in life but this

so many caring people coming to a party for my relationship!

what an honor it is to be so cared for

all I wish is to be loved more and more

and I do as I make more online friends

with similar diseases and similar situations to boot.

I love all my family they tell me the truth

they don’t lie and say Michael you’ll be ok

they tell me to hope for the future science and pray

which in my opinion is accurate today

as clinical trials are my only way out

they can see that without a doubt.

So thank you family for caring so much to visit me

I will treasure this moment indefinitely.

One thought on “My Engagement Party- A Poem

  1. I read this poem and your engagement party summary. It isn’t nearly similar, but I can understand to a point. Over the years I have had certain conditions and sorts of pain which have gotten in the way of enjoying a family event or celebration. I have had to rest and go ly down in the middle of a wedding or holiday dinner because I couldn’t remain sitting or standing for the entire time. It is nice when at least a few family members or friends sit with you while you rest and hopefully you are able to go back to the group at some time. Sounded, in spite of everything, like a lovely gathering.

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