Tired and Beat


I’m so very tired I had a long day

waiting at the doctors office, my time dwindling away

and with my Mother I went shopping today

Yes it was a good workout but one I suffer for in pay.

My legs feel like lead, my stomach feels empty

I need medication and some medical marijuana

to soothe my muscles and help me remove my mind from all this drama

I have a ton of anxiety pent up because I hope through this biopsy vasculitis will show up!

I will fight my pain

I will fight til the death

I will not give up, struggling til I have no energy left.

Today I fought just to go shopping it was like climbing Everest no stopping!

My body is tired, my hands are weak, I just feel so damn beat

but alas tomorrow I’ll wake with more energy and fight once again to be strong

nothing will stop me from trying my best I will win this stressful contest

life is challenging me to fight for my life and all I can say is my win is in sight

all I need now is some clinical trials and I’ll live a long time, surely longer than age 35!

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