Migraine Headache Awareness Month: Day 17


Today in honor of #MHAM or Migraine Headache Awareness Month I’d like to share another story with everyone. I figure since it’s migraine headache awareness month I should be making the appropriate posts and taking advantage of that hashtag via social media. But before all of that I had to come up with something interesting to write my article on. So today I decided to finally use a prompt from the American Headache and Migraine Association blog which I thank tireless advocate Teri Roberts very much for contributing to. I will include links to the AHMA site of which you should become a member below as well as links to Teri’s blogs and various works. Anyways here’s todays blog prompt which I am using in honor of AHMA today since it’s such a fantastic organization:

Today is day 17of our Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge (#MHAMBC).

Our challenge prompt today is:

Invent the perfect imaginary treatment for your diagnosis. What would it look like? What would it do? How would it work?

– See more at: http://www.ahmablog.com/#sthash.UGL3lxoy.dpuf





If I could invent the perfect imaginary treatment for our diagnosis it would diminish light and sound to the proper levels and reduce the pain of my migraines. It would be a once daily pill or monthly infusion(I’d prefer the infusion) and would take even the worst migraines and cluster headaches from a 10 to a 0 within 1 hour or less. Wouldn’t that be miraculous something that works so quickly for cluster and migraine sufferers not to mention hemiplegics all sorts of other migraine or headache disorder sufferers! I would be in tears if news of a new drugs that could achieve this was released and obviously write about it to let all my readers know about the new compound!

I know it sounds very selfish but I want a treatment that works for multiple headache disorders not just daily chronic migraine because I also suffer from cluster headaches and let me tell you they’re nothing to be laughed at or joked about. Cluster headaches are just as serious if not more so than daily migraine and that’s coming from a sufferer of both. If you read this article(link to article on cluster as a child) you’ll see I may have had my first cluster headache at 19 months old. Who wants to see their child go through such agony as to be pulling their own hair out in clumps? Certainly not me I’d never wish that upon my most hated enemy after going through it myself.

I wish my audience the best this month, in New York the weather has been changing quite frequently so perhaps this imaginary medication would also make us sufferers more resistant to frequent changes in weather that so often are a trigger for us. I mean people like me have no medication, no procedures that work for us. So people like me really do have a real need for some dreamed up procedure or medication like this. perhaps melanin blocks will help with the photophobia soon and I still haven’t tried SPG blocks though I don’t yet know if that’s an option for me. All we want is to live in reasonable pain or without it, to be able to function and have jobs without all the neurological stigma. That would truly be victory if we could eliminate that horrid neurological stigma as well with this new medication and show doctors we aren’t simple drug seekers!

That’s all I have to say about this prompt and day 17 of Migraine Headache Awareness Month, so I hope you enjoyed the article. I certainly enjoyed writing it for you and I hope you will visit some of the links included in it as both Teri and I put a lot of effort into all this writing and advocacy. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a migraine free day or as close to it as possible!

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