Work Hard, Get Ahead in Life


My brain bubbles over like a cauldron of hot stew

perhaps something neurological is askew

however my headache specialist says the vasculitis is exacerbating the issue

what am I to do in the meantime, suffer without my medication?

I have such a temptation to try triptans again but due to Churg Strauss

that’s out of reach as triptans are dangerous for people like me with this rare disease

the same goes for DHE infusions getting them might leave my body in ruins so i’ll stay away from these medications that might ruin my body!

I want to live and I’m ready to fight this terrible vasculitis and my migraines

all I need is some relief from this insane amount of pain

I will do anything necessary to get into remission so that maybe, just maybe

my headache specialist can treat my exacerbated migraines and reduce the severe pain

to a level where I can think without forgetting my own name

and so that I can work, write books, and do public speaking again!

Success will come to me I have no doubt

jobs have already found me I’ve never applied yet have had multiple opportunities

how cool is that these people found me and it is all due to my advocacy,

so in short I encourage you to tell your story like me and work hard

every day to show everyone you’re not so weak, but strong inside

that you can handle the responsibility of a job and that you have a place to reside whilst completing your work, this is crucial to finding a job

one that’ll take care of you and not treat you like a slob

a job where your bosses care enough to provide health insurance

for those of us who desperately need it for sustenance!

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