A Veteran with Cluster Headaches About to Lose his Home


If you read the news you know the Veterans Association has been under a lot of scrutiny lately for how it has been operating and taking care of our veterans. It’s so bad the head of the VA is actually fighting against requests for him to resign which I think he should immediately. The way our veterans with chronic illness, especially neurological disorders gained during their tours of duty is egregious. There’s just no way to justify the neurological stigma that has seemingly penetrated the VA!

I want to tell you a story today in honor of Migraine Headache Awareness Month and our veterans about the VA’s ignorance. You might know Cluster headache and Migraine advocate John Beebee if you’ve ever been to Headache on the Hill. He can often be found laughing and doling out hugs amongst his friends in the Cluster Busters advocacy group which I was a part of for HOH this past year. He was the first man to recognize me , shake my hand, and give me a vig hug. Then he went on to introduce me to nearly everyone I hadn’t yet met, I thought what a kind man. Later that day John spoke about how senatorial and congressional meetings go to the newer advocates like me at the training session! Heck he even was on TV the very next day to advocate on Al Jazeera in DC the only station that would show up to do some live coverage of our event. John spoke very well, had an answer for each interview question, and remained extremely articulate the entire time. He even had coffee with some senators and congresspeople and had excellent results from his meetings! None of the rest of us could say that!


Now unfortunately the government has turned it’s back on John both a veteran and a very important advocate. They’ve denied this obviously disabled man disability and now he’s trying to pay his montly fee of $400 on his trailer and cannot even afford that since he’s going through a divorce at the same time. His wife Joan has always been very supportive so none of this is on her. But we must get john the extra fund he needs each month until he can sell his home and find a place to stay, perhaps even find a good lawyer to fight this VA case for him. So in honor of the man who welcomed me with such a warm heart and taught me how to advocate better at Headache on the Hill I started a CrowdRise campaign with a goal of a mere $4800, chump change if all my readers and Cluster Busters were to donate the price of a cup of coffee even! This # was chosen because it would support John for the entire YEAR on just $4800! So please I beg of you support this great cause instead of wasting some of your money on items for yourself this month think of this struggling veteran. I mean what are things worth if you cannot enjoy them and personally I’ve already given $250 because I cannot bring myself to waste my money whilst this man suffers.


I hope at least some of you readers will share this if you can’t afford to donate, reblog it, repost it anywhere you can. I just want my friend to be able to keep his trailer whilst he goes through this gut wrenching process of fighting the VA for diability so he can live like a normal human being again! The campaign hasn’t even been on 24 hours and we already have 10% of the funding we need so please have some sympathy and give to John even if it’s only $10 or so every little bit helps. All I ask id that you consider donating to a good cause and watch the video I made for my good friend yesterday via youtube asking for donations. I pray and hope this goes viral or at least meets the goal because John is one of the few people on this planet that truly deserves a break in life and we can provide it to him. So help a veteran AND fellow chronic illness patient out I mean the man is on 24/7 O2 just like me and has Chronic Migraines and Cluster Headache.


So this Migraine Awareness Month change a life directly and save an advocate from going homeless before the VA will assist him! 100% of your donations will go directly to John Beebee, nothing will be kept by me at all that is a promise.

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