John Beebee: Cluster Headache Advocate


The VA is known for treating veterans badly

that’s why this situation is so frustrating to me

my good friend John Beebee has been denied disability

and he’s a Cluster Headache advocate much more prominent than me!

How can this be that they’d treat a member of our armed forces so badly?

He has undeniable proof the man has been on TV to advocate for god’s sakes

What more is needed to prove his disability than to speak on TV

hooked up to an O2 tank showing people how to suck up that oxygen properly!

It’s just sad that I had to create a crowdRise

to support a good man who should have all he needs,

he risked his life for our country so why should he be in a situation of such greed

the VA stinks of neurological stigma at this point you must agree

because John has all the proof he needs for disability!

THis extra money will allow John to find a lawyer

and get disability properly instead of being forced to find at at home employer

and who knows if he could work with his disease

with it’s severity I doubt it highly, yet that’s something the VA doesn’t see

perhaps that’s why they’ve been scrutinized lately!

John we’re here for you we will never give up

that $4800 will be raised even if I have to do it alone

you’re a good man and you deserve it for all you’ve done

you don’t have an unkind bone in your body

just like me you’re all about helping others not yourself

so when you require some help we come to your aid immediately

I’ll be here for you indefinitely,

and if you need a place to stay come to NY John and a bed you will have

I promise you that without a doubt

When nobody else will we are here to help you out!

I wish your clusters would just go away

but unfortunately that won’t happen today,

please don’t be discouraged John help is on the way,

that’s why I am collecting donations today

and all this month until we reach that ultimate goal

to fund you for a year seems quite bold,

but with all who love you it really isn’t too much money

I’m sure we can raise it and that is no joke

you can thank me in Nashville if you can make if not

a hug will do it when we meet again.

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