5 Ways to Escape Migraine


As many of you know there’s no miracle cure for us migraineurs so we must find ways to escape our constant pain. Especially for chronic migraineurs we constantly need to keep ourselves distracted from the pain if we have the energy to do so. Luckily episodic sufferers don’t need such distractions as often but they too need it some days and especially if they are going through a cycle of bad migraine attacks as so many episodic sufferers do.

Today I’d like to present you with some methods I use to escape my own pain which is constant meaning I’m suffering 24/7 there isn’t a moment without pain and it has been that way for me for over two and a half years now. So here is my small contribution to the problem for migraine headache awareness month also tagged on twitter as #MHAM or #MHAMBC. Anyway here are my tips to you:

  1. Get a good pair of NON-POLARIZED glasses for working indoors. Glasses meant for migraines like the ones produced by Axon Optics with the special FL-41 tint are especially good. This will allow you to browse the web,, watch TV, look at your phone, and maybe even go outside with even the worst migraines, at least that works for me with the outdoor tint! I say this not only because I now work for them which I feel I must reveal to my readers as I may be biased, but I’ve been using these lenses since I bought my first pair as a plain old customer over a year ago and found them to be so helpful I now own about six pairs just for myself! These glasses are the only thing allowing me to write articles like this. You can use polarized lenses for outside I just say non-polarized for indoors because it can hurt your eyes to look at screens through a pair of polarized lenses.
  2. Good ice packs are crucial to a better experience with the worst of the worst migraine attacks. I highly recommend trying out gel packs that wrap around your neck and head as well as the shoulders and perhaps some flat gel ice cold packs for your back. When the back of your head hurts so much the muscles in your upper back and shoulders tend to tense up so having warm and cold packs is crucial. Buying multi-functional heat and cold moisture wraps are the best way to go as they can be frozen or microwaved for maximum comfort. I order all mine through Amazon.com as I am a prime member and I can get them shipped 1 or 2 day shipping and that is also crucial because anyone in pain gets impatient. So I highly recommend an amazon prime account for all your needs. Especially if you’re too disabled to drive like myself.
  3. Stay hydrated! I cannot stress this enough and many people know they should and just don’t pay attention to it. If you have to keep a migraine log and write down how many bottles of water you’ve drank so far that day with each attack! That way you can tell if the abundance of migraines is related to your hydration levels or something else entirely. I assure you keeping track of your hydration is crucial and it may even be a good idea to buy a camel pack hydration backpack to take place with a large bladder of water and spout attached to the side so you can stay hydrated throughout short walks, picnics, walks through museums and stores etc. Don’t worry about looking weird this may be medically necessary especially if you sweat a ton lie me when approaching levels of migraine of a 7 or higher.
  4. Keep a chronic pain or migraine journal! Somehow keep track of your pain levels, hydration, blood pressure, oxygen status, and any health statistic you can get easily such as heart rate. If you don’t want to carry around a million separate devices they now have smart watches that track health status that will sync with your iPhone or android phone. If you can’t afford that or already have the equipment I recommend taking any notes you possibly can about your symptoms with each and every headache and/or migraine! This information will be invaluable to your doctor and the headache specialist will likely take you more seriously as a patient when you talk to them. I assure you they will talk to you less like a fool and more like an educated patient just for keeping a journal which takes very little time and is easy to do!  You can even dictate your feelings to your caregiver to write down later or for you if you’re suffering too much to describe the pain and feelings in writing yourself.
  5. Music is a great relaxant in fact sometimes better than medication for your blood pressure and heart rate. In fact if you’ve ever read work by Oliver Sachs especially his book “Migraines” you would know how deep and meaningful music can be to those with chronic illness. An relate to or something soothing without words to rest your mind. Personally I find modern cello and violin music to be soothing as well as classical. However sometimes I listen to more intelligent wrap that ca be read like poetry when in a ton of pain because of the anger inflicted with the words I can relate to in that moment. Music is a powerful tool just like reading so I highly recommend both to you as a way to relax and get away from some of the pain!

That’s all I have for you folks today I could write pages and pages on this topic but I prefer to release it in small spurts so I can keep ideas to write about in my mind constantly to guest blog, write for Axon Optics, and write for my own blog. I also have to save some ideas for my book which is coming after my book on Vasculitis specifically my story about Churg Strauss Syndrome which is what’s exacerbating my migraines and cluster headaches.

I sincerely hope that this in some way helps some of my readers to find a way out of their own pain as these tips have helped me relieve myself at times. Even if it only brings you down by 1 or 2 levels of pain be grateful and thankful because that’s a lot more relief than some of us can ever attain. Anyway that’s about it for today folks I got to get working on my book and several other articles. I appreciate the time you took to read this and truly hope you will follow me and like this article as there’s much more to come in the future!

If you shop via Amazon please use my Astore link so I can get some extra funds to travel I have selected some items useful to migraineurs and will be improving it over the next few weeks and adding many many more products: http://astore.amazon.com/migrainediscussions-20

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