Migraines, Vasculitis, and Remission

keep calm and stay strong

This morning I woke to a horrid migraine

attacking my brain, wracking it with pain

I certainly feel that I’m going insane

with all this panic going on in my head

it’s no wonder I can’t think, I feel dead

the pain is almost too much for me

so much so it causes me anxiety!

I feel so much pain I can barely move

or think of which I don’t approve

I wish I could think, smile, or move

but my body is giving me quite an attitude!

I will win this battle against my body

it’s just a matter of finding the right remedy

perhaps a clinical trial will work

I don’t see why it wouldn’t

I was always a good student of medicine

I always listen and take all the information in

I read clinical trials and understand them well

so in the end I know i’ll succeed

and finally hit remission for me and my family!

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