Cluster Headache and a Migraine


Here I am writing another poem

suffering pain that bites down on my bones

what causes it we really don’t know

but I hope for remission though!

I can’t think right,

I can’t eat right,

I can’t sleep right,

I can’t move much,

I can’t live a normal life so what am I supposed to do?

I suppose I am expected to overcome this just like anything else

but what people dont realize is that is a hell of a lot to ask of someone who is chronically ill

my body screams whenever I attempt to move and cries when I finally manage to

so what can I do but put and shut up, nothing it seems

besides write in support groups and hope my cries for help are seen!

I feel like an animal all caged up

people ask “where’s Michael?”

and I reply he’s stuck

Where they ask and all I can say is

he’s somewhere in me but I don’t have the strength to reach him.

Instead you’ll have to talk to me the new michael that lives terminally

with a timer on his life and tears streaming down his face

he’s not a great person to be around if you get depressed

because he’s being constantly attacked and arrested by pain

it’s amazing I haven’t yet gone insane

I mean right now I have a cluster and a migraine

why the fuck am I writing this is just plain crazy

I can’t help it this is my only relief besides the O2 I suck in as I breathe.

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