Confidence in Sickness


My poetry flows like water down a stream

especially when I wake up to one of these violent dreams

they seem so damn real to me but I cannot help dreaming about my disease

I have Churg Strauss on the brain so they say

and these thoughts just simply won’t go away

I wish for some relief today but my joints already ache so I know I’m gonna pay!

Please oh please body give me a break

I have physical therapy today which I must take

and if I don’t my muscles will only grow weaker

digging the hole I’m currently stuck in even deeper

I dont want to be stuck in a wheelchair with on I look like a creeper

so please god if you’re out there let me be better.

I’m not asking for a cure just some relief

from this pain with which I have beef

I wish there was a way to zap the pain away

we tried that with an occipital stimulator anyways

it didn’t work too well to tell you the truth

I ended up vomiting and puking too

it wasn’t a pretty sight I tell you

as those episodes lasted late into the night, it’s true

I vomited for hours at a time, and it wasn’t pleasant

why do I always seem to get these types of ailments?

Anyway I do have hope for the future

that’s why you see me writing up a storm

I have confidence and to my parents I have sworn

that I will not give up and that I will be useful

I’ll make some money for them which will be crucial

in paying the bills I feel like I need to help out

not just sit here and chill, like a bum without any motivation

I refuse to be seen as useless and crippled by this nation!

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