Neurology Offices & Photosensitivity


Today I wanted to bring up a topic that has irked me for some time now and I just need to ask if my readers feel the same. As a chronic migraineur I’ve seen many specialists in pain management and neurology, headache specialists especially and one thing is the same about each and every office. They have bright, too bright LED or fluorescent lighting! I’m not talking dimmed either I’m talking full out bright as day light fixtures! This just seems silly to me now let me explain why I feel that way.

Many of us migraineurs and cluster headache sufferers are photophobic as are many others with neurological disorders. So why in hell would you surround such patients with non-dimmable bright lights in the waiting room?!?! This isn’t an isolated case it’s all over and it really ticks me off that these doctors see half their patients wearing dark sunglasses or FL-41 tinted lenses much like mine made by Axon Optics and yet they still don’t even have an electrician come int to install a dimmer switch! I mean if you’re making $250+ per visit you can afford to have dimmable lighting I’m sorry but that isn’t much to ask for as a patient. The excuse that others can’t read magazines in that setting is a load of crap and I;ve heard it before sadly. If you have half decent eyesight you can read in a dimly lighted area, or at least make a separate waiting area that is more dim for those patients that need it. Instead we’re forced to go out and buy expensive pairs of glasses just to survive these office visits. Even in the waiting room for the head of Neurology at Mount Sinai in NYC the lights are bright as can be.

Can any neurologists explain this to me? Just because you personally don’t suffer from photophobia doesn’t mean your patients don’t. They seemingly don’t keep their customers in mind whilst designing these waiting rooms or else they’d be much more pleasant. The only doctor/Ph.D who I’ve ever met that has a nice dim waiting room AND office is Dr. Dawn Buse a psychologist who specializes in chronic pain and migraines. She’s amazingly kind and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that she thought of the patients when setting up her office! So please if any neurologist reads this article consider a dimmer on your lighting for your patients sake. Please we don’t want to suffer any more than we already do in the outside world make your office a safe haven for us to relax and be able to rest our poor eyes. Thank you for reading and I hope I’m not alone in thinking this.

2 thoughts on “Neurology Offices & Photosensitivity

  1. Nope, you’re not alone. My neurologist is great, but his waiting room is radioactively bright. I understand that not all the patients treated there are arriving for migraines, but it seems like such a simple fix. At least in the individual treatment rooms they’ve been willing to turn off the lights for me.
    Then there’s the physical therapist I went to for migraine treatment that not only had the awful lighting, but some sort of auto spraying perfume thing attached to the wall. I was so happy to be both blinded and choking on lily-of-the-valley.

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