A Stroll Through the Park


Us two lovebirds enjoying our day near the lake at Eisenhower Park! Looking good for the camera!


I am currently at the park finally enjoying life with my  fiance Venus whom many of you know from her sporadic postings on this website. She really is a great woman she made me feel better when I was down by telling me not to say sorry for her having to push my wheelchair all around the park especially since it hasn’t been re-paved in forever so it isn’t such easy going even with one of the best wheelchairs money can buy.


Venus looked so beautiful today in her turquoise dress!

Anyway I am enjoying a nice warm and breezy day down by the lake currently. You see I can tell I have a good relationship because  knew what my partner wanted, Venus thanked me when we sat down on this bench and closed her eyes she said” Thanks this is exactly what I needed, this is our thing” and it is visiting parks and/or museum is our thing it’s what we enjoy doing together and that is all that matters. So today during migraine awareness month I took off all my ice packs during a level 8 and said babe let’s go to the park. I knew Venus needed this to relieve some of her stress and anxiety that had been causing her panic attacks and I think weekly trips out will help her greatly in reducing the frequency of this stress and anxiety she suffer from.


Me in front of the lake in the background is the Nassau Country 9/11 memorial at which me and Venus paid our respects.

This is not only beneficial to Venus as I benefit greatly too by relaxing like this. It isn’t often the weather is so beautiful and that there is such a nice breeze. Today I am quite comfortable in my sports coat working hard to produce articles and write my book, which has been quite the focus of mine lately thanks to the push from my grandfather Harry. He’s an excellent man and published a children’s book in his younger years just for me called Grandpa’s Car Wash I believe whatever the name may be I still have a copy of it at home and will pass it on to my son if I ever have one. I already have two beautiful nieces on my fiances side that I’ll read it to.


The beautiful home near the Rose Garden at Eisenhower Park.

It sounds like an orchestra is playing at the local theatre here and the music is quite soothing. This is the perfect place and setting and weather, essentially the perfect storm for writing a creative thunderstorm if you will with each bolt being an idea. I absolutely love the music as I have always loved violins, cellos, and all sorts of musical instruments. I used to play the trumpet myself and hated it due to that digusting spit valve. Venus knows hows to play the violin. Oh well I wish I’d learned the violin perhaps someday if we can tackle my neuropathy i’ll become an electric violinist for a hobby as well as my rare mineral and meteorite collecting and space memorabilia. I’m off to work on my book while the conditions are optimal and my mind is thriving. Bravo and thank you to all who read my articles I promise you many more in the future!


Venus editing my post as I write it







4 thoughts on “A Stroll Through the Park

  1. So glad to see that you could have a beautiful day out together. Please pass best wishes on to your family also.

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