Frequent Pain


Im so sick of this frequent pain

that constantly runs through my veins

affecting both my muscles and brain

when will I feel normal again?

I certainly don’t have much in life

besides my constant will to fight

I no longer have much might

and I’m slowly losing that will to fight

that will to continue breathing

sometimes I’d rather be dead and buried

rather than sufffer this searing pain again.

How will I make it through this winter

without killing myself

I don’t see a way out unless I get remission myself

but  alsas I’m on no meds and can’t get a clinical trial

so I might die its true I won’t sit here in denial.

2 thoughts on “Frequent Pain

  1. Excellent post. I can relate to the words and the feeling displayed in this post. Please hang in there it will get better. seek help if you need too you are not alone.

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