Day 23: Headache and Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge


Today I decided to post the American Headache and Migraine Association’s prompt why? To raise awareness because any participation helps them out and I want to help any headache disorder related organization I can at this point. I am not one to put myself in the middle of old feuds or bad relationships I try to be a friendly face to everyone involved in advocacy of any sort.

Our challenge prompt today is: Consider this quote by John Lennon, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Now write about this in terms of your dreams. – See more at:

Anyway now that I’ve said that I want to quickly thank Teri Robert and Ellen Schnakenberg for today’s prompt. With that said let’s get to it:

Today’s prompt is about dreams something I don’t often experience myself as I get really bad sleep. Sadly I wake up every 1-3 hours in pain so all I can recall is pain and nightmares but I’ll take a shot at this with the last dreams I can recall before that 3 years ago when my migraines went from episodic to chronic and my life turned into pain, it seems there’s nothing left of me only one emotion I can feel at all and that is pain sadly. That has been my worst nightmare and now it has come to life taunting me daily.


But let’s focus on the beautiful quote by John Lennon:  “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” In my opinion here Lennon is prompting teamwork and encouraging mankind working together and to me this has a deep connection to migraine advocacy. Especially conferences like the AHMA and Cluster Busters conferences in California and Tennnesee respectively. Both conferences require teamwork and a group effort not only whilst there to network, make new friends, and further oen’s own advocacy agenda but also simply ro get the event off the ground. I’m sure Teri Robert or Ellen Schnakenberg could tell us all about the collaboration needed to get a convention off of the ground in fact when they’re less busy I’ll ask this duo about a phone conference interview with them about AHMA and just how difficult it truly is to get these meeting prepared!


I truly feel Lennon was talking about comrardery therefore I will talk about my dream for migraine advocacy. My dream is that all or most of the organizations come together to create 1 ultimate documentary or an ultimate commercial with all of us prompting important people and celebrities to participate. With our combined networking skills and event planning experience, along with all of the public speaking us advocates are so used to we could easily raise millions if we came together for one HUGE yearly conference perhaps a big 3-4 day ordeal absolutely jam packed with events, book signings, amateur documentary screenings on chronic illness, and more. Perhaps even live procedures being done for other patients to observe, this is my ultimate dream for us migraineurs. I don’t see it happening in the short term but I see it happening someday once our community leaders realize there’s no hope of ever raising enough money without more collaboration amongst the separate organizations. Nevertheless I absolutely applaud anyone and everyone working towards our cause of migraine awareness and eliminating neurological stigma.
I hope my reply to this AHMA blog prompt has been interesting to you readers today and perhaps brought some new people to my audience! Please help me out by following by email or with your wordpress account I’d truly appreciate it. Soon this site should have many more features as I may have finally found a reliable web designer, and if any of you are or know one please feel free to email me at: . Thank you all for your time and please enjoy your Summer and this beautiful day!

4 thoughts on “Day 23: Headache and Migraine Awareness Month Blog Challenge

  1. Pain can easily get in the way of dreams. Glad you still have this one. Yes, it can get confusing because there are so many separate organizations. I read about the American ones, but living in Canada we have different ones here. I try to keep up with as much as I can and show my support for anything bringing awareness to chronic illness, chronic pain, and headaches of all kinds.

  2. Curing migraine and cluster pain can not be done. Not that is unless all these organizations leaders give up their self appointed titles and join together to fight for survival. I remind you all of another slogan that has proven right many times ” Unite we stand, divided we fall!’. Stop trying to keep your various TITLES, pick ONE leader, set up command positions, join together and WIN. To continue to waste all this talent and true effort is a disease in it’s self, Give up your bloated egos. Cure that blockage and start to really get something done. Best to all, you do not suffer alone. Gpop

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