I Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop


Pain Pain it envelops my brain

Have I lost my mind

perhaps gone insane?

It’s not like me to be so rude

but the pain has also made me quite shrewd.

It keeps me inside night and day

so I have the time to read away

and write too which is good for me mentally

how can I deny this illness has somehow helped me!

In some ways my pain is a blessing

as it has definitely made me more caring

I went from wanting to be a money hungry lawyer

to a patient advocate who cares about others

and deals with their problems!

Who knew such a change would take place

even in me living in such a greedy community

I’m glad I can give back hopefully I’ll be paid back

not monetarily but with more research and awareness

for our seemingly little researched chronic illness!

I won’t stop fight no not now

not with so many in pain confronting me pow!

With a flash I receive tons of messages

asking for help and encouragement

I answer each one with care for the patients

that I swear, and then I focus on articles

and my poetry to help others understand what chronic illness is to me!

I fight and I fight within this health care industry for more money for research

so that out of pain we can be to live normally and take care of our families

to stop taking disability and to work for our money!

Just give us a chance and you will see many of us are strong

even with terrible chronic disabilities!

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