MHAM 5 Questions of the Day: Day 23


I know it’s kinda late into Migraine Headache Awareness Month to start something new but I just figured some of you would enjoy this kind of post!

Q1) Does a sudden increase in neck/shoulder pain signal a tension headache or can this still be part of your migraine(s)?

A) The correct answer is: Pain in the neck and shoulders is a very common symptom in migraine and should not suggest that you have a tension-type headache.

Q2) Is Pain in the Sinus surely a tension headache?

A) Actually no most sinus tension-type headaches that recur over time are actually recurring migraines.

Q3) What should a migraine patient ALWAYS do prior to an appointment?

A) In case of an attack in the office or if your memory isn’t the greatest write down every question that’s important for your doctor to hear!

Q4) What are Acute Migraine medications and how often should they be used?

A) These medications are typically reserved for after an attack has already started and should be used no more than 2 days a week or as prescribed by your headache specialist!

Q5) If used too often what are the consequences of acute medication overuse?

A) Acute medications, if used too often, can cause migraine to transform into a Chronic Migraine Pattern meaning more than 15 migraine days a month! Too frequent usage can also cause damage to one’s liver and kidneys!

That’s the Q & A for today folks more to come tomorrow for now I gotta go blast away this migraine, though at times I wish I could chop off my head and toss it out a window! I hope some of this information is useful to some of my readers!

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