Nominated by The Daily Migraine as One of the Top Migraine Blogs of 2014


Today I was recognized as a top blog and twitter account by The Daily Migraine. I’ve also had great web traffic all day what more could I ask for. That’s exactly why I write these article for people to enjoy and get some insight into the world of chronic illness! It’s quite enjoyable fighting each day to write at least a poem and an article it greatly relieves my pain at least for a moment. That’s a lot more relief than I get from opioids and other dangerous medications such as steroids and such that have wracked my body over the course of the last 3 years.

Here’s the link to the article just wanted to share the recognition with my faithful readers!


Thank you very much to The Daily Migraine for recognizing my website and my attempts at raising awareness and advocacy! I really appreciate this honor and will truly do my best to write amazing articles in the future. This has also encoouraged me to continue onward with the writing of my books of  which the first is on the second chapter, and my eBook is available in the meantime here:
Again I appreciate all of you readers and hope you will return to this website often as it really helps me every click of a link and visit to my site truly counts at this stage whilst my site is growing! Right now I’m proud to say we have over 3100 readers which is amazing to me! Thank you for your time and please help me to get more and more recognition I want to be an expert on migraine headaches and many other disorders.

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