Still Fighting the Migraines

Today I awoke to some terrible pain again

Beginning around my shoulders and my necks is where it ends

then a separate pain takes over

one that always drives me crazy and insane with pain

one that flows through my every vein

one that lives within my brain

one that pierces my eyes every damn day

how am I expected to live this way

I have AHMA and the NHF fighting for me

but I can’t live in this much pain indefinitely

perhaps I needs more specialists on my side

someone with which Dr Green can look over my case

someone with a tireless mind to crack the safe

that contains the recipe to my relief

perhaps I need a cocktail of drugs

if necessary I don’t care I’d do anything to rid myself of this pain

I can’t stand it I feel like I’ve gone insane.

4 thoughts on “Still Fighting the Migraines

  1. Hang in there Mike. The pain is unbelievable, I wish I could take it for you. You can do it, keep writing. love Gpop

    • I will Grandpa as I told you Chapter one of my first book is finished and today I shall work tirelessly on chapter two.You really have inspired me to get this finished before the years end thank you!

  2. So sorry Michael. I am out of meds today and using a lot more oxygen than usual for that reason. I don’t use the cannula, just the non-rebreather mask for acute relief. Hang in there!

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