Failed Chemo, Now What?

iphonepics3 315

Rituxan, Cytoxan, what is all this chemo for they ask

I reply it’s for Vasculitis we need to stop it fast

we really do need to stop it in it’s tracks

but now that I’ve failed chemotherapy the beats is coming back

the pain is fearsome and triggers my migraines not to mention cluster headaches

on a good day my pain is a 9 how do people live like this

surely it can’t be by design!


I’m sure eventually I’ll find some relief

that’s all I ask for is some slight reprieve

so that I can continue to fight this thing

I am a warrior and everyday I struggle for life

as if my will to live were being tried every single day of my life

I have to ask how is that right?


I’m trying to live happily

but it seems impossible after failing chemotherapy

since my only hope is clinical trials

I feel like a lab rat wondering what’s in those vials

they say Interlucan 5 or 10 can save my life

so i’ll try it in order to preserve my last breathe

for when I’m old and dying naturally when it should be had!

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