AHMA Blog Prompt 6/25-Exhaustion During Migraine


Today I agree with the AHMA prompt about self control and how it relate to those with chronic illness. However in my unique situation it doesn’t at all explain my reaction during a terrible migraine headache or cluster headache. In fact I often do the opposite, I guess i’m atypical, but I often get more and more productive as the pain ramps up as that’s my only way to live with it. I think I’ve done what the man describes as needing to assert self control every second to change one’s habits. I now write effortlessly it just comes to me naturally when in pain.

So what do you do during a migraine do you respond like the radish eaters and become less and less productive as your pain level increases? It seems to me perfectly reasonable that most people would get malaise. I don’t blame them at all I just have a very odd mindset and a high tolerance for pain now. Over the nearly 3 years I’ve been dealing with this I feel I have made writing just a habit like brushing one’s teeth or going to the bathroom when you wake up. It’s just a natural part of my day now that I cannot avoid and it just so happens that this writing is related to advocacy and raising awareness because I could easily write about just about any topic regarding my health concerns.

I’d like to take a second to thank the American Headache and Migraine Association for providing these blog prompts during Migraine Headache Awareness Month! It’s an excellent way for me to get out an extra article every single day. It’s really inspirational and helpful to have these blog prompts. I really do appreciate them and I’m always thrilled to respond to them. So thanks to AHMA for prompting me to post my opinion on that video it was quite interesting and to my faithful readers new or old doesn’t matter I appreciate every single view.

Check out the video on today’s AHMA prompt for yourself!

3 thoughts on “AHMA Blog Prompt 6/25-Exhaustion During Migraine

  1. I love how this particular blog prompt struck a chord with so many of us! Michael, I wonder if other men who suffer with migraines and clusters react as you do? I find the illness exhausting even when I don’t have particularly severe pain…

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