AHMA 6/26: My Migraine Monster


Today’s blog prompt is very creative in nature and allows me to really vent and express my true feelings about migraine just like I often do with my poetry! Here is todays American Headache and Migraine Association blog prompt for June 26th:

Describe your Headache or Migraine monster – what does it look like in your imagination or your dreams? – See more at: http://www.ahmablog.com/#sthash.2qxzZeMz.dpuf

My daily chronic migraine monster is a towering figure with ice picks for hands of which he has four. He also has eyes on both sides of his head back and front so that you may never escape his ever so painful gaze which seemingly meets me at each and every time. It’s quite scary actually my migraine monster is constantly active never stopping for a breath as he penetrates my eyes and occipital area of my head with his ice pick arms, he then burrows his massive claws on his arms and legs into the right side of my head. At this point I’m having aura’s, thoughts of suicide as he taps my brain and kicks it with his claws constantly tearing away at it like a puppy with a chew toy. A cluster headache slowly begins wreaking havoc on me and I suddenly feel much worse like 3 or 4 of these monstrous beasts are clawing away at my skull and insides.

I feel absolutely wracked with pain and at this point I can no longer see. I feel almost like these ice picks they have are dual like lobster claws [inching my brain and getting a damn good grip. It puts me in severe pain to deal with these two beasts, sometimes one is even nice enough to go ahead and rupture my eardrum during a cluster headache, especially when it coincides with a bad migraine attack. I feel helpless in stopping these beasts from attacking me constantly I need a short reprieve and a short vacation. Please beasts please be satisfied with the terror you’ve caused for the day and leave me alone.

Well I am glad I got that off my chest that’s how my current migraine and cluster feel as I await my IVIG infusion. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this blog prompt and I worked damn hard to write it as you can see my hand is immobilized pretty well so typing is quite a strain on my entire arm since I’m so weakened. I appreciate you reading though and once again thanks to AHMA for providing us bloggers with these daily prompts!

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