Infusion Time


In my hand I have an IV for my infusion

it’s of IVIG that cannot be confused

I love to take a snooze

whilst getting my infusion to avoid the blues!

I am currently in severe pain so please put that IV in my vein

I’d appreciate getting this infusion as fast as possible

but that isn’t very probable with how busy the hospital pharmacy is

I suppose I’ll just let the pre-meds go in.

I will read to pass the time

as well as type poetry that somewhat rhymes

and finally having some time to write my book

this is all part of me keeping an optimistic outlook on life itself.

I thank these nurses so much for caring about my health

listening to my story and taking my vitals whenever necessary

I truly see all this pain as a necessity to keep me motivated

to keep working hard and never quite and to remain optimistic

writing for some reason just comes to me naturally!

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