This World of Ours

I have two appointments today

I finally get to see my specialists, Hooray!

To me it’s such a joyful day

as I have some hope for a plan to come into play!

I know I can beat this I won’t leave this world I WILL stay,

til then ripe old age when I finally die naturally,

thank you very much for even listening to me

most people are ignorant to chronic pain and invisible illness at least that’s how it seems!

They bump into you in the street and keep walking as if nothing ever happened

they don’t stay to ask if you’re ok and apologize for their actions

an honorable country this is no more

as society are a bunch of animals for one to deplore!

Pushing and shoving for that black friday discount

men being trampled just because of greed

what’s all this insanity?

Things need to change and quickly

or else there won’t be much of a future left for my children to be,

who know if after chemo I will be potent,

but there is always adoption an honorable route just the same,

saving the life of a young child some day,

I can see myself doing that if I have the money!

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