Becoming a US Pain Ambassador


As soon as I announced the fact that I’d become a US Pain Ambassador I was immediately inundated with questions and many of my readers wanting to join me in this great cause. I quickly went to the US Pain website and replied with how they can apply to be a US Pain Ambassador the process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is click the US Pain website link that says “Become Involved” and secondly go down to the drop down menu where it says Pain Ambassador. There you will find a form you can fill out if you’d like to participate along side me in this amazing program. As for an acceptance email I didn’t get one, what I did get was a huge, heavy box in the mail with acceptance letters and tons of material to get started with my advocacy for US Pain. I was absolutely thrilled to receive my package as it contains magazines, brochures, and even a book just for me from US Pain. It’s exactly how any organization should recruit advocates as it works very well and it’s quite flattering to the recipient who will likely put more effort into this cause due to the way they accept people.

I’ve met the president of US Pain before in fact a kind fellow named Paul Gileno who I’ve had the joy of speaking with at a conference once before. My hope is to one day be the executive assistant to the president of US Pain following them through a travel stipend across the country raising awareness at all sorts of conventions. That’s a dream job though where I am right now is a beautiful place to be in life. I work 3 jobs including the writing I do each and every day for my website along with all the social media that’s necessary to keep a young blog running smoothly with an increase in followers each and every month, Anyway let me tell you a little bit about what my responsibilities are as a US Pain Ambassador:


  • I am relied upon to connect with others in chronic pain in my community and provide them with material with tips for some relief.
  • I provide brochures, magazines, and books to any doctors office or medical center that will willingly take them.
  • I provide patients with free issues of the INvisible magazine that was included in my awareness package I just have to tag it with a sticker that says “Provided by the US Pain Foundation” along with any other materials I hand out even to doctors offices.
  • I am expected to know how to speak to others in chronic pain properly and never dismiss their pain or poo-poo it as lesser pain than I all pain is pain and it sucks!
  • I also occasionally give out US Pain wristbands to patients as well as recommend them books to read on their disorder or that will just help them in general.
  • I am starting a local support group limited to 20 participants at most where we will have free chronic pain support groups at the local library which is handicap accessible for those in wheelchairs and with walkers, be very thoughtful and always put the patients first.
  • Other than that I haven’t been given any other instructions or responsibilities so this is really quite simple for someone in chronic pain to do themselves!

Well folks that’s what it takes to become a US Pain Ambassador as long as you’re accepted to the program. I really appreciate what US pain has done for me here in allowing me to advocate more professionally now that I have a plethora of literature to hand out to others. I am sure I will become one of their most outgoing advocates quite soon! Thank you all for reading and if you too are in chronic pain I highly recommend this program to you. It will take up a small part of your time allowing you to free your mind from the pain and listen to others for a while. We all see doctors regularly so dropping off some magazines and brochures is a simple task! Please encourage anyone with chronic pain that you know to read this as it may change their lives completely!

2 thoughts on “Becoming a US Pain Ambassador

  1. Being Canadian I am unable to join in this, but I keep an eye and am looking into the Canadian equivalent. I know it is easy to rate pain because doctors request it all the time and when you are in agony it can be easy to dismiss other people’s pain as less than, but the work you will do from now on will make a difference for so many people.

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