Depression Before US Pain Came Along


What a shame all I can feel is pain

I wish I could smile but my emotions seemingly no longer exist

it’s as if that part of my brain was turned off with the flick of a switch

now all I do is sit here and write

embracing the only gift I have left in my life.

Besides having a living fiance and a good family I don’t know what is left for me

I feel so deceived this isn’t how my life was supposed to be

I wanted to support Venus until she got her PH.D

now I feel like nothing but a weed, a burden with some rare disease

like all I can say is please do this and sorry for that I feel like an animal

like some sort of rat that should be stomped on!

What am I but a rare disease, just a terminal patient waiting to be deceased

what happened to the michael that used to enjoy life and care free living

he no longer exists at least that’s how it seems to me

how can I reach him just to tell him he’ll be back someday

it seem impossible like my mind has gone completely astray.

This situation is horrible I just can’t take it anymore

but just as I said that there was a knock at the door

I opened the box to see a letter that I’d become a US Pain Ambassador

and my hope arose again like a dove in a garden

what US Pain has done for me is give me hope in being me again someday

even if it is years away, I could care less as long as I can be me again

thank you US Pain for this honorable position!

7 thoughts on “Depression Before US Pain Came Along

  1. You know I don’t believe in God. But I believe good things happen to good people, sometimes right when they need it most. John and I get lucky over and over in the same way. Now your goodness and hard work have been rewarded in the best manner possible, and right on time. You deserve this!

  2. Congratulations on that appointed position. Pain is invisible and easy for people to look past, but with you working with them I know there will be less of that from now on. Good luck.

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