Sheer Pain

silent tears

Outside a dog barks, birds chirp, and children are at play

as here I lay in sheer pain with my hands swelling away

as I write to escape my own pain what can I say

writing is the ONLY thing that works to slightly take my pain away

I can never get total relief not today, new drugs need to come my way

in a clinical trial I’d love to play my part but they seem to push me away

my case is so complicated I don’t qualify for any nowadays.

How can I find happiness with so little hope

I feel like someone in prison who has dropped the soap

anxious and in pain not knowing what to do

I feel like I’ve been abandoned to figure out my own treatment woohoo…

I just don’t think a low dose of Methotrexate will work

and I can’t get my body to move which I hate

it isn’t too smooth to move my joints feel like gravel

and the churg strauss flare probably won’t let up for a while!

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