Axon Optics Glasses Contest

I’d like a few more submissions so I’m writing about how you can enter to win one of two pairs of Axon Optics sunglasses with their outdoor, darker FL-41 tint which is proven to help with light sensitivity.  I use these glasses every single day of my life and that’s why I am so passionate about this contest and opportunity to change the lives of 2 lucky migraineurs! Just two of you will get these glasses, thes rest of you will all receive consolation prizes as soon as I email you with what you’ve won and where you’d like me to send it.Now this contest is really simple all you need to do is:

1. Write 1-2 paragraphs that summarize your migraine or cluster headache story well.

2. Send a picture of you during or not during an attack whatever you choose is best. You should know that this will be posted on my blog at some point as well as most likely the Axon Optics blog. Send submissions to:

Here are the two grand prizes either one would cost you a minimum of $129:



Those are the two pairs of glasses up for two lucky winners a unique pair of cats eye lenses and a pair of OverRX lenses that will fit over prescription frames. Both are life savers for anyone that’s light sensitive.

I honestly hope the two winners really need and enjoy this product because I don’t know how I’d live without mine ever since I bought my first pair! I find the OverRX pair’s flexible backs to be great as they fit over your RX frames. In fact as I write this very article I wear my comfortable Wrap7C’s. I hope some new entries come out of all of this! Only tonight and tomorrow left to get in entries! Winners will be announced by 7/14 and will have their stories posted first. We also hope the winner will leave Axon an honest review on Amazon!

23 thoughts on “Axon Optics Glasses Contest

  1. This was a wonderful contest, not only for people to share their stories, but also to help improve lives. I am sure it is rare to find anything that really helps you. When you do stumble upon something that makes a true difference you have to speak up and share what you have found with others who might also benefit. This is what you have done. I don’t have enough light sensitivity or true migraine to have taken part. I didn’t want to take away a pair of these glasses from anyone who would benefit more. I know how important though it is to believe in what you advertise to help others. I did see a YouTube clip of Paul Gileno speaking about his pain and legislation to make it easier for pain patients to receive the best medicine possible for their condition and a traveling photography exhibit showcasing chronic pain sufferers and their daily lives with pain. Listening to him speak I could totally see you in just such a role someday Michael. You would be perfect for the position. I hope you get there because you are a powerful advocate and voice for everyone who lives with pain.

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